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released November 28, 2014

Fabian Rubio 993K Studio Pomona, Ca-----Audio Engineer/ Mixer



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BreVaria Pomona, California

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Track Name: Surrounded (By People I Hate In A House of Mirrors)
Looking back I realized
I've said these words before
A lack of truth
Or just a shifted outlook
Why can't you see the other side of things? I'm suffering
Circling the drain, I'm running out of options
I'm a walking body bag
Don't invest in me
I'm out this bitch
You wanted me gone and now I'm gone forever
Look back; Relapse (How pathetic)
One day I hope (To forget)
Back tracked; I'm trapped (In this place)
Alone and cold (I just always thought)
It was always you and me
I've fucking lost everything
Anything that's meant something to me in this world
So tired of this we say
We want to run away
But we can't get out
I hope there's someone listening
This is as good as it gets
I'm hoping for a miracle
Instead of doing something about it
Take a chance at it
Take a chance for once
Or you'll never know
I tried to call your name
You're nowhere to be found
I tried to find your face
Somewhere in this crowd
I can't remember your name (Hold a mirror to your face)
I can't recognize your face (Tell me what do you see)
Maybe it's this place (Such a disgrace)
That won't let us.. (So you break it on the floor)
What's another seven years of bad luck?
How can things get any worse for me?
Was this an exit plan to change your entire life
Was this a strategy of yours to get away
Locked up in my room
Bleeding out from my wounds
Surrounded by thoughts of my own demise
Will you wake me up years later? To find I am 89 years old and I'm ready to croak
I've missed out on all of these
Fucking memories
Whatever I don't know doesn't exist
(They won't let us go)
This goes to all those still holding on
If you love something let it go
If it's meant to be then it will come back
But I won't stay waiting forever
Track Name: Scapegoat
Why waste my time
On your bullshit any longer
When I've been your excuse
For a fucked up past
Can't you hear the words
Coming out of your mouth?
Amazed to see you have
A single thought of your own
Can't you see x2
Can't you see you're a fucking fake
I never gave up
I just know
A hopeless cause when I see one
But I've been so blind!
So blind of you
Don't call it a second option
It never fell in your favor
Can't you see it's up to me
Can't you see it's come to this
But I'm still digging deeper
I can't stand another minute in this place
I can't stand another second of your face
Play the motherfucking blame game
You only have yourself in the end
(Stay away x2)
I'll summarize
The way I feel
I'll summarize
How I feel
I've never been ashamed to say I know someone
Until I met you
It's such a shame to say
I once loved you
To say I once loved you
Would you take it back if you could?
Track Name: A Failed Blueprint
Was it all for nothing?
Look where my plans have gotten me
Fuck the past
Fuck the future
Live in the present
But some things I just can't let go
So I drown my sorrows
I'm searching for a sense of hope
Like the light at the end of a tunnel
But things!
Don't always go to plan
I've come this far
So I'll pick myself up
Dust myself off
It's not the end of the world
But it sure as hell feels that way
I'm not an optimist
So I never expected shit
But I thought this time was different..
Its time I stopped thinking with my heart
It's time I used my head
A memory that you live to forget
But I can't
I'm filled with regrets!
The aftershock takes full effect
Take your time
I know that it's a stretch
There's no room for regrets!
I was yours
Continuously revising
The meaning of life
I feel so empty inside
I'm forcing this involuntary reflex
And I miss everything... (Everything about you)
All of these lies
They're what I've become
I want to hold you under the sun
All of my pain, this tortured longing
I want to be in your arms again
I long to be by your side again
I can't pretend
I'm rotten from the inside
And I'm a fucking wasteland
And I want to be in your arms again...
(Be in your arms again!)
Track Name: Cracked Skulls
I wash my hands of you
But I'm far from cleansed
This corruption stays dormant in my head
I just wanted to believe that this was real
Time is temporary, so I cease every moment as if it were my last
There's one last chance to martyr
You can't escape this
There's one last chance to be free
This wasn't just an implication
Behind my action is meaning
But when did things go so wrong
A love that left me blind
I'm losing my faith
"Stay awake
I know things feel hopeless
Stay awake
Tomorrow is a different day"
And I shall rise from the ashes
In this darkness I can finally see truth
Flickers of light
What are you trying to hide?
Fucking show me who you really are
I'm tired of looking up to the sky
searching for an answer
(Where are you now)
I can't see any truth
Or is there any truth
Once you've lost everything
Nothing else matters
There's one last chance to martyr
You can't escape this
There's one last chance to be free
"This will be x2
Yeah, this will be x2
This will be my awakening"
Cast the first stone
Watch the flesh melt from my bones
Stay loyal to your heart
(This will be my awakening)
We find our own reasons for going on
But I've lost my faith
"Stay awake
I know things feel hopeless
Stay awake
Tomorrow is a different day"
Track Name: Prisoner of the Past
Was there a point to this?
Help me to understand
I'm not a mind reader
And I can't see this your way
Yes, it stung
But I'll move on
Still I look back
At what was once
In life!
We face obstacles
That change!
Our entire life
And now!
You're left with lessons
That you'll take to your grave
Change for the better
Cast your endeavors
It's up to you
How to face these things
From now on there's no turning back!
The mistakes I've made took everything I had!
Be still
Life doesn't give a fuck
About your plans
So do what you can
With what you have
With what you!
With what you have!
Well I should have known
The best things in life
NEVER last
That's what makes this special
A fleeting moment
I tell myself,
"Things will get better
And I should leave it all behind"
But it's easier said then done
All these images are what I have become
You thought you could run from me
Just steal everything you wanted
But I'll never let this go
You thought I could set you free,
But fled when I failed your judgement
No, I'll never let this be. NO!
(Turn back)
(Say that)
When I sleep
I have you right here next to me
Again... AGAIN!
I'll never sleep again
Constant torture in my head
I'll never sleep again x2
Because in life
We face different obstacles..
Track Name: Back to the Party!
I knew from the start that this was wrong
Still I did it anyway!
Everything is crashing down on me
For the world to see my misery
Now I'm going backwards
And I can't seem to leave
The past behind
So I'm just left here..
Resenting my life
And the things that I can't change
But where were you?
Where were you?!
Where were you when it really matter!
Now I'm back in time
And I can finally see
The things I felt before
Are still a part of me
This shit is going down!
By now we all know the meaning
Of limitations
Consider this a public invitation
To get fucked up with us
(It's not until you live it
That's when you'll truly understand)
Somewhere in time
I swear
I once believed
That this could be real
But now that ship has sailed
Save your words
I'm long gone
I'll bite my tongue
The hook is set
Here's to the memories we'll soon for..get!
Track Name: I Call'em Like I See'em
If I told you once
Then I've told you one thousand times!
I put myself on the line
And took a chance
At the unknown
If I'm the anchor than cut the noose, bitch
I don't need an excuse
For my mistakes
They're mine to own
Who are you to judge me
These images
Becoming more vivid
Almost as if you were
Here with me again!
A polished truth
We're all
You say tomorrow
(A test of faith for which I don't have)
You'll wash away your past mistakes
(A test of faith that I don't have)
A cleaner slate
You dirty bitch!
But in the moment
I felt so alive
And in that moment
I couldn't deny
What I felt was real
And I don't regret
The choices I've made
Even though
I'm alone..
Take it all
(Do you live in shame)
Take it back
Take it all
(You only have yourself to blame)
You'll never last
(Look me in the eyes)
Express something real for once
And make me believe it
Have you witnessed truth?
I can't even look at you
Without feeling disgust
Did you ever give a fuck?!
Are you in this with me?
Look at the sight of me
Experience made me this way
Did you ever care?
I still question this
Whether this was real
But can you tell me..